19. Nanoelectronics enabled chronic multimodal neural platform in a mouse ischemic model

Lan Luan, Colin T Sullender, Xue Li, Zhengtuo Zhao, Hanlin Zhu, Xiaoling Wei, Chong Xie, Andrew K Dunn

Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 295, 68 (2018)

Highlights • Arrays of ultra-flexible neural electrodes for single-unit neural recording at multiple cortical depths and locations. • Lase speckle contrast imaging of cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the same brain region as neural recording. • Targeted photothrombosis to induce stroke with fine control of lesion size and location. • Spatiotemporally resolved, simultaneous mapping of the neural and hemodynamic signatures of peri-infarct depolarization. • Longitudinal tracking of single-unit firing and CBF after the initial ischemia insult.