Welcome to the Luan Laboratory of Integrative Neural Interface!
Our research focuses on the development of multimodal neural interfaces that combine the state-of-art electrical, optical and other technologies to monitor and manipulate brain activity. The application of these neurotechnology advancements enables the fundamental investigation of neurological disorders and the development of novel therapies. By developing and applying a more complete arsenal of novel tools, we hope to provide a revolutionary multifaceted picture of the brain in health and in disease, and to seek new ways to better diagnose, treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders. 

We have multiple openings for postdoctoral, pre-doctoral and undergraduate researchers. Please contact Dr. Luan with your CV if you are interested.


Dr. Luan's office and Laboratory are located in the BRC building, Rice University, 6556 Main Street, Houston, TX 77030

Welcome to the Luan Lab

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Simultaneous neural recording and hemodynamic imaging during stroke

Vasculature & NET 

A Peri-infarct depolarization event

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