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Spring: Imaging Optics
(ELEC 487/582, T/Th 10:50 am) 

The course is designed to cover the fundamental properties of light propagation and interaction with matter under the approximations of geometrical optics and scalar wave optics, as well as the fundamentals of optical microscopy. The course emphasizes system approach to the analysis and design of optical systems from a user and an engineer perspective, focusing on the physical intuition and underlying mathematical tools, and application of the physical concepts to topical engineering domains such as a selection of microscopy techniques. 

Fall: Spotlight on latest neurotechnology
(ELEC 682, T/Th 10:50 am) 

This course is a seminar format review of the latest (within the last five years) neurotechnology framed around the concept of the nervous system as a network. It has three modules:  Module I focuses on technologies for reading and mapping networks; module II discusses on tools for interacting with networks, and module III on methods and approaches for building and augment a neural network. We will also discuss ethics of neurotechnology. Students will gain in-depth understanding of the latest advances in neurotechnology in multiple fronts, including novel materials, methods, and tools to measure and modulate neural circuits, advanced machine learning approaches to neuroscience problems, and clinical and commercial adoption of neurotechnological devices.

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