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Luan lab at UT hosted a REU student

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Our first time participating UT BME's Cancer Research Summer NSF REU Program was a wonderful experience!

Dara Okeremi in front of her poster after the 10-week REU program

We have a great time hosting Dara Okeremi (a freshman from Rice) as a part of UT BME's 10-week NSF sponsored REU program that focuses on cancer research. Hanlin Zhu, a 3rd year graduate student from the Xie lab, was her mentor. They worked on a project using artificial intelligence as an automated researcher assistant to summarize research findings and generate abstracts. This is not a typical project in our lab, but we had a lot of fun. Thank you, Hanlin, for being an outstanding mentor! Thank you, Dara, for you passion, talents and hard work. We look forward to seeing you at Rice!

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